Concepts covered in Web Development?
Introduction To HTML

This module introduces us to working on websites, right usage of HTML tags and DOM structure.

Introduction To CSS

Helps us learn the styling using CSS elements, CSS classes and learn the Box Model.

Advance Styling

This module helps us improve styling by learning Detailed Positioning and Complex Selectors.

Introduction To JavaScript

Introduces us to a popular Language of Javascript – Fundamentals, Object Classes and Dynamic Websites.

Front End UI Development

Helps us to learn Twitter Bootstrap and Bootstrap Grid System

Introduction To Server Side Developoment

Helps us to learn CSS processors, build and deploy web projects; Introduction to technologies like PHP and more.

Database Handling

This module helps us learn Django views, templates, model layers; Ms SQL Basics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO services have helped hundreds of businesses in expanding their businesses both locally and globally, bringing in more traffic to their website and resulting in a huge increase in a number of leads.


To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on that simulate the real-world technicalities concerning the creation and development of websites and services.

Web Page Development

Using HTML, CSS and javascript, CREATE 1-2 pages of your choice

Create a Portfolio Website

Create a beautiful portfolio website using HTML, CSS, and javascript

Website Development

To create a website using technologies You learned during the course.

Create an E-Commerce Website

To create an E-Commerce website which includes inventory, login page, store cart.

Pricing Plan.

Basic Plan:@Rs 1999/-

  • Online Live Class
  • Course Period 2 Months
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 minor project + 1 major project

Standard Plan: @ Rs 3999/-

  • Online Live Class
  • Course Period 4 Months
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 minor project + 1 major project

Advance Plan: @ Rs 5999/-

  • Online Live Class
  • Course Period 6 Months
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 minor project + 2 major project